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Benefits of Outsourcing Data Privacy Officer to a Global Data Consultancy



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Data Privacy Officers play a very significant role in your company’s data protection and also your regulatory compliance. But having a Data Privacy Officer on your payroll isn’t always an ideal thing to do. Instead, sometimes, it’s better to outsource your Data Privacy Officer responsibilities to an external expert.

Here we’ll consider the benefits you can leverage if you hire an outsourced Data Privacy Officer:


They have immense experience in information security


Outsourced Data Privacy Officers (DPOs) are usually highly trained in information security. Their employees will be certified and trained in various IT security and data privacy niches. Additionally, they’ll be trained regularly on any new data protection & privacy requirements, ensuring that they’re ready to tackle any data security challenge.


Since these companies specialize as DPO providers, they’ll always be at the forefront of any global data protection development. Your own employee may not be able to achieve this level of expertise if your company cannot afford to certify and train them regularly.


Outsourcing your DPO needs to an expert will ensure you get access to the highest level of expertise.


They can save you a lot of expenses


DPO expenses don’t end with your paying the in-house DPO a salary, insurance, and holiday coverage.


Your company needs to set up the compliance and legal teams that your DPO needs, to discharge their duties. Additionally, consistent training and certification requirements can add to the expense. Research shows that global data privacy compliance alone costs between $1million and $3million for companies. With more countries/regions releasing their IT and data privacy regulations, your expenses will increase significantly, as you try to meet these regulatory requirements.


When you choose to work with outsourced DPO providers, you don’t have to invest in additional compliance and legal resources and training. The DPO specialists will provide all the resources to deliver, the data protection coverage with your company needs.


In addition to this, your outsourced DPO provider will be able to offer highly scalable and tailored data privacy solutions. Since they have experience working with all types of companies, they are more knowledgeable about the unique threats you face in your industry. They’ll be able to offer bespoke data protection & privacy solutions very quickly, as your company grows and expands. If you were to scale your in-house DPO facilities, it would take a lot of time and resources to set up.


They can ensure your company is up-to-date with compliance needs


Data privacy and IT security laws keep changing every year. As criminals find newer ways to victimize companies & customers digitally, governments update or amend their regulations. It’s important for your DPO to keep track of these compliance changes and meet them accordingly.


Specialized DPO providers have dedicated teams that monitor regulatory bodies. They closely chart any changes or updates to data privacy and IT security laws from around the world. If there are any amendments, they ensure that their clients – who must follow these laws – fulfil the new compliance needs.


They are experts in risk assessment & reporting.


Outsourcing your DPO requirements to an external specialist can give you access to cutting-edge risk assessment and reporting tools. These providers have immense experience studying and anticipating risk in various industries. They’ll keep a close watch on digital security and data protection trends around the world, and inform you of any anticipated risk.


Additionally, your DPO providers will also share detailed reports of your data processing & data security. You’ll be able to see your strengths and also spot any vulnerabilities. Through these insights, you’ll be able to make those changes necessary, to strengthen your systems and networks’ security.


Given the state-of-the-art technology they use for risk assessment & reporting, it may be hard to replicate these results in-house.


They are available 365 days, 24/7


Finally, outsourced DPO providers work with companies from all over the world and have employees to cover each time zone. They have the technology necessary to support multiple companies simultaneously, 24/7, 365 days. Additionally, they provide personalized services, according to your express risk status and data privacy needs.


You’ll always have experts on-call, who’ll be able to inform you of potential risks and non-compliance. They’ll be able to address any problems quickly and insulate your IT systems, networks, and data from harm.

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