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PDPA Outsourced DPO

VinarcoPDPA’s Outsourced Data Protection Officer (DPO) services eliminates the challenge and stress of managing your organization’s PDPA compliance journey, by outsourcing the DPO role to us. Our team of experienced consultants will take the lead in developing protocols and structure for your organization.

PDPA Outsourced Data Protection Officer Service

The first step when we start a project with our clients, our expert consultants will sit down with the client to see where they are in their compliance journey, what has been completed? What has not been completed? What is pending? And together with the client’s input, we jointly map out our planned PDPA compliance roadmap with key milestones, deadlines, and follow-up procedures to ensure that our client is on track to PDPA/GDPR compliance.
Jointly completed with the ROPA phase, we will conduct a full review of client’s external and internal privacy policies and/or all Data protection policies and procedures to ensure 1) legal compliance 2) operational efficiency. Our legal team and consultants will work to ensure that all documentation is suitable for client’s operations and legal compliance. For clients that do not have core policies in place, we will provide fully customized templates and work with client to review and push through approval process.

ROPA is the key to discovering data flows both internally and externally for your organization. For clients who have not started their ROPA phase, we will guide them through step-by-step to ensure that this phase is executed to achieve desired outputs. We will then advise you on how to create a full data map.

To raise organizational awareness regarding importance of PDPA, we will conduct a training session for all relevant staff members. This “Introduction to PDPA” course will include the following: Introduction to the PDPA + key terminology

  • Principles and key roles of the PDPA
  • The rights of Data subjects
  • Lawful basis for processing of personal data
  • Subject access requests and how to deal with them

Training can be completed either onsite or online as required.

According to the PDPA, how long we keep certain data types and if we have a destruction policy that complies with the PDPA are essential. We will work with the client in developing a data retention schedule for all data-types in various departments across the business to ensure operational efficiency and legal compliance.

In terms of consent collection, our consultants will provide advice for our clients to ensure that consent collection and management is compliant with PDPA and ensure operational effectiveness.

Our consultants will setup your DSAR management protocols and procedures. Throughout the course of the contract, we will be available to support our clients the full scope of DSAR.

3rd Party and Vendor management is also an essential area for PDPA compliance. We will support our clients in developing procedures in vendor due diligence, evaluation, and pre-qualification to ensure that vendors have Data Protection policies in place, or issue DPA (Data Protection Addendums) to rectify scope of vendor responsibilities.

Our consultants and legal team will be ready to advise our clients on legal matters related to the PDPA and/or any international transfer cases. We will assign a designation contact person for our clients to be able to contact via phone, email, or MS Teams.

Using the outputs from previous steps, our consultants will populate the PDPA Management platform with organization-specific data to support the client in managing and keeping track of their PDPA compliance journey, including key dashboards, checklist/reminders, dynamic data maps, and a fully customized document library.

Let our Outsourced PDPA DPO Service work for you

Our Outsourced PDPA DPO Service Includes
Irrespective of your enterprise’s scale, when you outsource the role of the Data Protection Officer (DPO), your organisation has more resources to execute on your companies business strategy. On average we save our clients 60% against an internal appointment.
Our outsourced DPO service includes without limitation:

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