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Thailand PDPA Data Protection Officer Role Vital in Employee Training and Awareness

Global Data Privacy Regulations

Thailand PDPA

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A key responsibility of data protection officers (DPO’s) is raising awareness of potential data protection vulnerabilities and conducting staff training. DPO’s conduct regular training and awareness drives to guard against personal data compliance breaches.

We often overlook the importance of training staff when assessing data compliance despite being an Achilles’ heel for many organisations.



Every staff member needs data protection training



With the pervasiveness of data protection regulations, business leaders understand that staff members who regularly come into contact with personal data must undergo training. However, every member of your staff can be a potential risk to data security.

Human error is a chief vulnerability for data security. Innocent errors can leave organisations open to cyber attacks.


In fact, the chief causes of data breaches, according to the UK’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), are because of human error:

  • Data posted or faxed to the wrong recipient
  • Phishing (clicking on suspicious links)
  • Data emailed to the wrong recipient
  • Loss or theft of paperwork or data left in an insecure location
  • Unauthorised access (often because of weak passwords or passwords used across several platforms)
  • Loss or theft of a device containing personal data



Regular training for every staff member, regardless of whether they have direct access to data, can help mitigate this risk.



DPO’s foster an environment where data protection is top of mind



Company culture is as important as formal training in mitigating cybersecurity risks. DPO’s keep cybersecurity top of mind and promote general awareness by acting as the central point for all data protection related queries and support.

According to the European Union Agency For Network and Information Security (ENISA), increasing cybersecurity literacy and focusing on the organisation’s culture is vitally important in preventing data breaches.

A company culture focused on cybersecurity and data protection might look something like this:

  • Staff and management fully embrace training by your DPO
  • Everyone changes their passwords regularly and does not recycle passwords
  • Terms like cybersecurity, GDPR and personal data are well understood by all staff members irrespective of their positions
  • The entire organisation knows what phishing is and how to identify it



Data protection training without a DPO


If your organisation does not have a DPO, you can outsource your training. VinarcoPDPA offers tailor-made training covering any global data regulations that are covered by your operations.

We design our staff training with your company operations in mind, allowing your staff to stay up to date and ensuring excellent data compliance.

By choosing us your data privacy training partners, your staff will receive the relevant, comprehensive training available.

To learn more about our training services, email or call us on +66 (0) 2285 6240-9

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VinarcoPDPA has a wide portfolio of services that makes dealing with Thailand PDPA laws an absolute breeze. Stay in full control of your privacy policy, and comply with PDPA regulations according to your business requirements.


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